About Me

Who is Jordan?

Postgraduate student at the University of Malta pursuing a Master's of Science degree in Microelectronics and Microsystems. My dissertation focuses on the design and the analysis of micromirror structures.

I am also a musician, and I play with Musique. In addition, I teach piano and play on a freelance basis. I am also experimenting with composition.


Education and Research Interests

What do you know?

M.Sc. ICT (Microelectronics and Microsystems) from 2013 -

B.Sc. (Hons.) ICT (Communications and Computer Engineering) from 2010 - 2013

Research Interests

Background and Education

What do you know? What can you do?

I rarely get some free time as I am always doing and learning stuff. I am currently helping out in laboratory sessions with first year Computer Engineering students at the University. I also like to play the piano and I am a member of the group Musique.

Occasionally, I help out at the family business as a salesperson, where I get to meet and help various people depending on their individual needs.


Background and Education

What can you do?

Another passion of mine is radio broadcasting. I like to help people set up and run their small community radio stations, most recently at South End Radio 91 FM from May 2012, up until the station's closure in January 2015. I am now involved in the setting up of a community radio station in Rabat.


Photos taken by me